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Saturday night… 11pm… must remember to put the clocks back 1hr for the end of daylight savings!

Tomorrow is my son’s first game of AFL auskick. He is 4.5yrs old so i am not expecting football genius, just a lot of fun and standing around watching the kids stand around while they watch their coaches stand around and wait for someone to tell them to either catch the ball or kick the ball… it’ll be ace! But seriously, i am excited for him because he is excited and he loves it!

And to assist in this extraordinary excitement i must make pancakes, at 11pm. Or at least i must START making pancakes…

I mix my flours with warm water and *whey… then leave them to work their magic while i sleep!

Sleep all night and be woken at 4.30am by a 4.5yr old who has no idea that daylight savings has ended and is excited about football today… oh well, at least there’s pancakes…

WAIT… What the hell is *whey? Isn’t that something Little Miss Muffet was eating… with curds?

                                                   That just sounds gross delicious! Tell me more about this nutional powerhouse!

Whey is a by-product of cheese making. I recently got some unhomogenised organic milk for only $1 per litre and decided it just HAD to be made into ricotta cheese. I used this  recipe. Whey contains lots of enzymes and probiotics that assist in making phytates easier to digest – essentially, they make grains digestable and good for you! It’s the same process that used to make sour dough bread. Soaking grains gets rid of anti-nutrients and can make them digestable for those even with food intolerances or those of us who may feel a bit bloaty after too many grains. I am not a scientist or nutritionist… but my friend google has many good sources of information in the topic! This is a good article to start with.

So anyway, i get up and beat an egg add some pre-soaked batter to the bowl, baking powder and apple cider vinegar. I add these last 2 ingredients to give the pancakes the lift i like, it’s a great trick for cakes and muffins as well.

And to make some special shapes i pop my batter in a squeezy sauce bottle and design my own stars and football shaped pancakes/pikelets for my little AFL monster’s breakfast. Served with apple slices, butter and syrup!


My recipe – inspired by Nourishing Traditions Pancakes p478

1 cup each Spelt and Buckwheat flours

2 cups warm water

2 Tblsp Whey

Let soak at least overnight or for 24 hours

I then beat 1 egg and added **half the batter, mix well.

Add 1 tspn each of baking powder and apple cider vinegar (if you want to make the whole batter use 2 eggs, or even 3, and add tspn each baking powder and ACV)

Cook in spoonfuls (or using a squeezy bottle) in a frypan with coconut oil.

These were totally devoured for breakfast and morning tea!



With the second portion of the batter i added the egg, baking powder and ACV then also added a grated apple and some cinnamon. These were delicious served warm with butter!



I made a second batch of these and left the batter to sit for a full 24hrs. I also added 3 eggs instead of 1 to give them more lift. Leaving the batter for a whole day really gave the waffles a sourdough flavour, delicious!

This wonderfully rich and luxurious batter was turned into gorgeous heart shaped waffles – cooked to perfection is an authentic (and possible antique) german waffle maker. They were served hot with lashings of organic butter and maple syrup – for my children and my husband, i did not indulge, but i think i should have!!!

Lovely little hearts and a sneak peek at my waffle iron!

Lovely little hearts and a sneak peek at my waffle iron!






Recently i’ve been playing with a recipe i found online and it’s so darn easy and fantastic i thought i should share it. I have no idea where i found it or who to thank for it, but i do know that it is not mine so i can’t take credit for inventing it. I do however, get a lot of credit when i make it.

It’s just a pancake recipe, but what i’ve done to it could be considered blasphemy in the world of pancakes. It’s kind of like what i do to the 5 cup-cake recipe (if you read that blog?) and you have so much freedom to move it’s insane! I was, up until recently, a bit scared of pancakes. I was worried about how fluffy or gluggy or delicious they’d end up. What i have recently discovered is that it’s so simple… and anything smothered in maple syrup in delicious. REAL maple syrup, not that ‘maple flavoured’ stuff.

Here it is:

1 cup flour (doesn’t matter what type – gluten free, spelt, plain, self raising… whatever. I use self raising because i like the ‘lift’)

1 cup milk (again, it doesn’t matter what type – soy, rice, oat, skim, full cream… etc)

1 egg (makes no difference if its big or small, i prefer big huge hunter valley free range eggs)

Mix together… and you’re done. Seriously. Done.

Or if you’re anything like me you might like to add a few bits and pieces… here is just the beginning of a ginormous list of things i have done to this basic recipe… try them all, try none of them, make your own and please, please share them!!

SWEET OPTIONS (you can add a tablespoon or 2 of sugar if you want, but i hardly ever do)

  • Banana
  • sultanas
  • cinnamon
  • grated apple and/or pear
  • strawberries
  • ricotta cheese
  • dried fruit
  • mashed pumpkin and maple syrup
  • custard powder
  • cocoa
  • choc chips
  • fresh/frozen berries

SAVOURY OPTIONS (i think these are the best, and a little garlic and herbs go a long way to making these so awesome!)

  • corn
  • bacon
  • cheese
  • garlic
  • grated carrot, zucchini, sweet potato… or anything that will be grated!
  • fresh or dried herbs
  • tuna, shredded chicken, tofu
  • left over pasta or noodles chopped up

These pancakes can be made big or small, thin or thick (depending on how you like your batter), filled with vegies as a meal for your kids or left plain to be topped with fruit or syrup or whatever it is you like. They really are the most versatile, easy thing to whip up for a snack, if you have guests, if you’re trying to use up old vegies or just getting your kids to eat some veggies. I let my little guy pick the fresh herbs and decide what goes in them (within reason) and even stir the batter. The more involved he is the more he is likely to eat them.

Please feel free to let me know what you add to this recipe and how good… or bad, it is!





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