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So i guess its time for another post… since its only been forever!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Milk&Bread is pregnant and there’s no doubt about it!

That’s right folks we’re expecting a baby. I am 20wks pregnant and it’s a girl 🙂

“A pigeon pair” to quote the many people who now know we have a 2yr old boy and are expecting a girl.

Without googling the saying i am assuming that it means we have one child of each sex, which, is no doubt extraordinarily wonderful, and would be desirable if we were collecting pigeons in the hope of mating them… is that what the saying means? And, if that is what it means, then wouldn’t that be applicable to any pair of animals? Except of course, gay pairs (which is completely ok) AND SIBLINGS!! So, this is where the colloquialism gets a little messy for me and i don’t understand it. Am i hoping for a male and female child in the hopes of collecting a mating pair? Googling the saying may clear up the confusion for me but then i would have nothing to blog about.

For those of you who know me, will know that the birth of my first child was not ideal and my recovery was utterly deplorable and in an attempt to avoid that i will be attempting a vbac… what the hell is that? It is a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean. Some people call it an NBAC (Natural Birth After Caesarean) but not me – I want the baby to come out of my V therefore it’s a Vbac. Too much information? Sorry folks but it is natural and normal and should be talked about, in great detail and with people who have had normal natural births that were lovely and wonderful and intense and exciting.

I am excited to be attempting a Vbac and no doubt you will be hearing more about it… you will also be hearing about my experience having a Doula, Potty Training in 3 days (the e-book) AND our subsequent success at potty training our 2yr & 3mth old boy… even at night! Ooooh exciting, stay tuned folks 🙂

…and in the interest in staying fit and healthy for my self, my baby and my birth i am off to get ready for my YOGA class with



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