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Firstly, let me tell you that i haven’t eaten chocolate or bread for over 2 weeks… um… except today i had that chocolate craving. You know the one you get that just doesn’t go away and no matter how many other things you eat you just can’t ignore it? Right, well, i had that ALL DAY!

If you want to make this recipe now then you need to go and get 8 medjool dates and put them in the fridge (maybe even the freezer) as they need to be cold – they NEED to be!

Let me apologise in advance that there are no pictures for this one. It’s probably not the prettiest thing to photograph anyway, but it’s chocolate and delicious caramelly dates, it’s totally good! Trust me 😉




8 Medjool Dates (cold – either kept in the fridge or quickly blasted in the freezer, but not frozen)

4 Tblspns Coconut Oil (either slightly thick or solid-ish, but liquid will also work)

1 tspn Raw Cacao (you can use more but i was trying to be sparing)

1 tspn Maple Syrup (again, you can use more but with less cacao i needed less sweetness, and the dates are sweet too)

In a small bowl mix coconut oil, cacao and maple.

Cut cold dates in half and remove seeds.

Stir halved dates into chocolate mixture. This will simulaneously mix in the maple and start to set the coconut oil – leaving you with chocolate covered dates!

Eat and Enjoy!!

p.s. try not to eat them all!! I have saved some for tomorrow… and i also did some dried figs too 😀



With 2 small children in the house i constantly need snacks… and since i don’t buy a lot of snacks (i do buy some!) i need make snacks.

These biscuits are my own personal variation of the “Two Ingredient Biscuits” that have been doing the rounds on my facebook feed for a while now. I have made the biscuits with just 2 ingredients (bananas and oats) and they were o.k. Not great, but my kids ate a few of them… i didn’t like them and as a family we have never finished a batch. So i accepted the challenge and tried to make them a bit more interesting but still healthy and nutritious.

Plain honey and Cacao flavour bickies.

Plain honey and Cacao flavour bickies.

Quickie Bickies

1 cup oats

1 ripe/over-ripe mashed banana

1-2 Tblspn Honey

1-2 Tblspn Peanut Butter (preferable natural/organic with no additives)

*1 egg (optional – you can add another half to one bananas to keep the biscuits together – but i like the added protein of the egg!)

*1 tspn cinnamon (optional – for flavour)

*2 Tblspns Whey (optional – i soaked my oats for a few hours in a little whey first – read about the benefits here and here)

*Raw cacao (optional – i used about 1 tspn in half a batch of these biscuits, just for a little variation)

Mix batter by combining all ingredients in a bowl. Add any optional ingredients you like the sound of – i used all of them!

If your batter is too runny (that depends on how much honey/peanut butter/whey/egg/banana you use) then add a few more oats until it holds together a bit more.

Using a dessert spoon plop a splodge of mixture on your baking tray (either oiled or with baking paper) and cook in a 180C oven for about 15 mins. I like them when they get nice and golden around the edges.

These biscuits go soft after about 24hrs but they are still fine to eat and can be crisped up in a hot oven for 5mins if you prefer.











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